Double amputee Seema Mohan shows off her new prosthetic legs at ther Dyer Village, Williamsville home, last week. (Image: KRISTIAN DE SILVA)
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Seema Mohan has finally received her first set of prosthetic legs. However, she has not yet been able to walk with them yet.

Mohan, who lost both legs because of diabetes, collected her temporary pair of legs last Tuesday after Good Samaritans helped her raise $36,000 to buy them.

In an interview with Guardian Media, however, Mohan said being bedridden for three years had left her overweight and she now has to adjust and learn how to walk with her new legs.

“I have to try to pull myself up. Right now I cannot yet stand but I will get there. I am willing to make the sacrifices so that one day I can stand up,” she said.

With her son Avinash and husband Ramesh at her side, Mohan said she knew she could do it.

“Once I can lose some weight and keep trying to pull myself up, I will be able to stand. I am giving myself a few months,” she said.

Mohan vowed to do consistent therapy to regain her upper body strength.

“Since Christmas, I have changed up my diet. I went by a herbalist and I am not eating sweets. I eat lots of salad,” Mohan said.

Mohan said since her story was aired by Guardian Media in April, she has received an overwhelming surge of support not only from close family and friends but also from strangers.

Her husband Ramesh said he has placed ropes around the house so that Mohan can support herself as she learns to walk on the new artificial legs.

“We will work with her. Since we got the donations she has been happier. I put these ropes here around the house so that she could try to help herself. It is going to be a little hard but we are trying to help her with this. As soon as she helps herself stand up, she will get accustomed,” Ramesh said as he gazed upon his wife with a smile of pride.

He added, “I want to thank those who helped us with contributions, whether they were big or small, we really appreciated it. Those who called us and gave us courage, those who reminded us that God is love. I want to thank everyone who helped us in any way.”

Mohan, 47, of Dyer’s Village, Buen Intento Road, Williamsville, once dreamed of being a hairdresser. But in 2011, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Mohan said her diet was poor and her love for sweets led to a double amputation between 2018 and 2019.

Now that she has lost her legs, Mohan wants to spend the rest of her life warning others about the dangers of diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

Anyone wanting to contact Mohan can call 492-8374 or 738-1717. Contributions can be made to Republic Bank Account number 940- 031-995-131.