Bliss Seepersad

The Bliss Seepersad-led Police Service Commission is over. Like the three Commissioners that worked under her, Seepersad tendered her resignation to the Office of the President today and it was accepted.

Her resignation ends the speculation about whether the PolSC would have to be restaffed and allowed to continue operating or dissolved completely.It also brings into question the planned tabling of the nomination of Vincel Edwards which was carded to take place next week.

Edwards was initially nominated as the fifth member of the PolSC but after the mass exodus of the three existing Commissioners, he was expected to help build a quorum within the Commission.

Seepersad was the subject of intense media and public scrutiny over the past week after details of a private email from former commissioner Roger Kawalsingh showed that Seepersad acted on her own volition and without the consensus of the Commissioners when she placed acting Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith on suspension pending the outcome of an investigation into the Firearm User License approvals. Last Monday Courtney A Mc Nish was the first commissioner to resign, he was followed by Dr Sandra Craig-James and Kawalsingh.

Reporter: Renuka Singh