Political Leader of the PNM Tobago Council, Tracy Davidson-Celestine (left), PRO Kwesi Des Vignes, and Chairman Stanford Callender during the press conference in Scarborough yesterday.

Casandra Thompson-Forbes

The PNM Tobago Council has received consent letters from seven individuals who would like to represent the party at the upcoming General Elections.

Tobago is divided into two constituencies – Tobago East and Tobago West.

Speaking at a news conference yesterday, political leader of the PNM Tobago Council Tracy Davidson-Celestine said they have received five consent letters from those interested in contesting the Tobago East seat and two for Tobago West.

“Those persons who wish to represent the People’s National Movement for Tobago East are so far the incumbent Ayanna Webster- Roy, we have Juliet Pope, Crystal Edwards, Brian Nurse and also Dr Kern Johnson. Those five have since submitted their consent letters to be considered in the screening. For the West, we have incumbent Shamfa Cudjoe and we also have Allan Extavour. Coming out from this, my own observation is that we have quite a lot of young people, who are coming forward to take up leadership roles within the PNM, who are coming forward to take up leadership roles in the politics and for me this augers well for the continuity of the party going forward,” she said.

Davidson-Celestine said she was confident that the PNM would retain both Tobago seats in the upcoming general elections.

She said Tobago has developed significantly over the last five years.

“All throughout Tobago East we can see development, of course, facilitated and led by the People’s National Movement, so we are very confident in retaining the Tobago East seat, and more so the Tobago West. Our systems are in place, we have a very, very, organized election machinery. The party is 65 years or so in existence and our people rally together through thick or thin,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chairman Stanford Callender said he was comfortable with the representation of both Tobago East and West MPs Ayanna Webster- Roy and Shamfa Cudjoe.

He said they did well over the past five years.

“I’m convinced that these two representatives that we have were carefully selected the last time around. They have done well under the circumstances. They have made a tremendous sacrifice towards the development of the island and the nation and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind, once the party groups and the youth leagues who have the say, prior to the screening committee of this party, ‘cause the screening committee is the committee that will make the final decision. Once they are selected they would again retain the seats of Tobago East and Tobago West,” he said.

He also on called on members of the party to put their differences aside and focus on winning the upcoming elections.

“As we prepare to roll out our 2020 elections campaign, we are mindful that shortly thereafter, is the Tobago House of Assembly elections, so in Tobago this party is in full election mode and therefore, I just make the general appeal to our membership. The time has come for us to do what we do best, which is to come together, in the interest not only in this party, but of this island and this country, so as the process rolls out we will continue to keep the members updated and the public,” he said.

Callender said, the screening process will be completed by May 30.