Seven persons are expected to appear virtually before a Siparia Magistrate today, charged with breaching the Covid-19 Regulations.

The accused; Garnet Persad , 66, Dave Jassant, 28, Suresh Ramsawak, 49, Ramraj Jassan, 41, Harry Rampersadsingh, 36 and Riazodeen Karim, 51, all of the Penal district, were arrested by officers of the Penal Police Station, for breaching Regulation 2(a) of the Public Health Ordinance Regulations – gathering in a public place where the number of persons exceeded five.

Meanwhile, Premchan Seerattan, 55, also of Penal, was charged with conducting the business of a bar during the specified period and providing the amenity of seated accommodation at a restaurant and bar to customers during the specified period.
They were held during an anti-crime exercise on August 17th. According to police reports, based on information received, officers proceeded to a restaurant and bar located at Goodman Trace Junction, Penal Rock Road, Penal, where they observed a number of persons seated within the premises consuming alcoholic beverages.

The seven men were arrested in connection with the breach.
Charges were laid by Sgt. Siew, of the Penal Police Station, on the same day.