Deokie Mongroo

Homicide investigators probing the tragic murder of 72-year-old Deokie Mongroo say they interviewed several people over the past few days.

But up to last Saturday, investigators from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations: Region Three had no one in custody.

However, they are confident of a breakthrough.

Mongroo, a mother of two, was at home along Papourie Road, Diamond Village on Wednesday when her killer strangled her with a plastic strap.

A report stated that her husband, Ramjewan Mongroo, 74, left her home around 10 am to pay a few bills in San Fernando.

When he left, a tenant who moved out of the downstairs apartments was there retrieving some items left by his family.

Ramjewan told police that when he returned home around noon, he found his wife lying motionless in the apartment with bruises on her body. When he went upstairs, he realised someone ransacked their home. Whoever killed his wife was long gone.

Southern Division police responded and searched the area for possible suspects, but were unsuccessful.