Members of SEWA UK assist with oxygen concentrators for India.

Shastri Boodan

Sewa International TT (SewaTT) has raised close to $500,000 to assist victims of COVID-19 in India and people affected by the volcano in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Head of the organisation Reevan Teelucksingh said around $112,000 has been raised for India.

He said the monies went directly to SEWA USA for the purchase of oxygen concentrators.

Teelucksingh said SEWA International USA had built a strong relationship with the manufacturers of the oxygen concentrator.

He said the concentrators are purchased at a cost of US$500.

He said SEWA Bharat is also on the ground in India providing food support for people under lockdown.

SEWA Bharat is a federation of women-led institutions providing economic and social support to women in the informal sector.

Teelucksingh said the St Vincent drive has been phenomenal with over $300,000 being collected for the volcano victims.

Teelucksingh said both the India and St Vincent drives would be closed on May 10 in order for Sewa to start assisting victims of the fallout of COVID-19 in T&T.

Teelucksingh said people can donate by visiting SEWA.ORG or calling 333 Sewa.