Installation of the first sewer manhole cylinder at Beetham. (Image courtesy WASA)

Work on the final phase of the Beetham Sewer Pipeline Project is proceeding apace, with the installation of the first of three manholes being completed on Monday 17th January 2022.

According to an advisory issued by the Water and Sewerage Authority to provide an update on the project, the three manholes are being installed at depths ranging from 19 feet to 26 feet, with works currently ongoing on the second manhole.

The first completed sewer manhole on the Beetham Sewer Pipeline Project. (Image courtesy WASA)

WASA reports that apart from completing work on the three manholes, the final phase of the project also involves the reconnection of two sewer lateral connections; interconnection of the new pipeline system; remedial and restoration works, inclusive of permanent road restoration; and decommissioning of the exiting 47-inch concrete sewer main.

“The Authority assures residents that every effort is being made to have these works completed as scheduled,” the release from WASA stated.