Winner of National Junior Calypso Monarch Final 2020 Sharissa Camejo performs her winning calypso Everything We Can.

After a four year gap, Sharissa Camejo is once again the Junior Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago.

The 18-year old Holy Name Convent student earned the honour with her measured performance of the nation-building song “Everything We Can” at the Queen’s Park Savannah yesterday.

Camejo put her head in her hands and crouched as Ta’zyah O’ Connor (Duane O’Connor Jr) was announced as the runner up. Before she knew it her older brother Sergio Camejo, a multiple winner of the Junior Soca Monarch, rushed to embrace her in celebration.

“It feels so good it feels like all my hard work was put out and the results were just amazing. I just have to thank God for everything,” said Camejo following the win.

“It was a nation-building calypso and it was about building up T&T, telling them despite everything that’s going on in the country, despite all the people that are doubting us, we need to rise up and we need to build our nation back together,” she said.

“She’s the leap year champion,” said her father Enrico Camejo moments after his daughter won the title pointing out that his daughter last won the title in 2016, which like 2020 was a leap year. He then joined in the celebrations, helping his son hoist the new junior monarch into the air.

O’Connor, the 2018 winner, tipped his hat to Camejo and her performance. He copped second place with the Brian London penned “ Break the Silence.”

“I am actually really happy, she came out with a wonderful performance and I’m really happy for her,” said O’Connor.

Ten-year-old Kai Anthony Salazar placed third as he shook off a sudden rain shower to deliver a strong performance of his song, “Be the Best.”

The 16 Junior Calypso Monarch contestants explored numerous social issues in their performances. Stand out renditions came from Morvant Laventille Secondary Josiah Jordan, who suggested that smartphone applications could be used to address the rising murder count and crime situation in “Download a Conshunz”.

The crowd was less than impressed when he was announced outside of the top five spots in the eighth position.

Mount Hope Secondary’s Aliyah Hinds also struck a chord with her performance of “A Child Bride”, as did Naomi Sinnette with her song “Damage Children” while Annalise Emmanuel got the crowd involved early with her analysis of “Zessa Man”.