Chandresh Sharma uncle of Dr Rudradeva Sharma performs aarti during the funeral service at Sunset Ridge, La Romaine yesterday.

Former Member of Parliament and Government Minister Chandresh Sharma has issued a thank you message to citizens following the detah of his nephew Dr. Rudradeva Sharma.

The statement was issued on Tuesday evening, and it also condemned the negative comments that arose.

The following is Sharma’s statement.

“On behalf of the family of the late Dr. Rudradeva Sharma, we wish to publicly extend our sincerest gratitude to the people of Trinidad and Tobago and indeed, the wider Caribbean and globe, for their kind assistance and support during the very trying period of bereavement that our family is currently undergoing following the very tragic and untimely demise of our beloved nephew. Our family has truly been overwhelmed by the thousands of citizens who, through their words, actions, and decisive assistance in various ways, helped us through the very difficult period of laying him to rest. I therefore wish to say to those known to us and those kind strangers who commiserated with us through the universal bond of humanity that we are truly appreciative and will never forget that you lent us your strength and sympathy.

Indeed, it is said that God sends us angels in our darkest moments and you, the people near and from across the miles and continents, are testimony to His ever gracious and comforting presence. Though we may never be able to repay you personally for your kindness and support, please know that our family is highly blessed to be touched by your compassion in every possible way. In acknowledging the wide berth of sympathy and overall attention that Rudra’s death has generated, it would, however, be truly remiss of me to ignore the ongoing national discussion on crime in the state of Trinidad and Tobago that has intensified in the wake of Rudra’s death. Indeed, the shocking and frightening circumstances that led to his sad passing seemed to have been the proverbial final straw that broke the camel’s back for us in a nation that has, for many years, been reeling under the increasingly horrendous incidents of crime and at present, is truly under siege by criminals.

We, the members of his large and close knit family, have noticed with dismay, the extremely negative sentiments expressed on various social media platforms by people who have chosen to unkindly and unthinkingly politicize his death. This has resulted in my nephew’s great name and legacy of public and committed national service as a medical doctor unfortunately being tainted by those who seem to simply be pushing some baseless agenda.

This should be roundly condemned by right thinking citizens. We must never fail to remember that at the end of the day, victims of heinous crime, like Rudra and Dr. Naidoo, and their families, are the ones who ultimately must deal with the devastating trauma that ensues, and we therefore deserve and should rightly be afforded civility, respect and compassion during our time of immense grief. I know Rudra would have never condoned nor desired such polarizing and unkind discussions, despite him being the victim of ultimate negativity, for he was a truly great human being – God sent and inspirational in his compassion and humanity, who dedicated his short but amazing life to saving the lives of others through his medical acumen and big, beautiful heart.

He was the type of person who would have tried to save the very lives of the men who perpetrated this heinous act of criminality against him and his colleague, and after so doing, he would have then sought to ensure that they too, were afforded the best of human compassion. I therefore urge all to follow in his great example and emulate his very compassionate and kind nature, even as you remember that at the end of the day, we must live as one people in our great nation, for none of us are immune to its hopeless failings such as crime. We must use this spirit of humanity to seek to rebuild the country that we all love. Again, I express my deepest gratitude to all, and I wish God’s richest blessings and protection on every human being in Trinidad and Tobago, and elsewhere. Thank you.”