Three people were injured in two separate shooting incidents on Wednesday June 16th.

In the first incident, at about 6:55 pm, two men—ages 43 and 39 years—were seated on the pavement on the western side of Mahogany Drive, when a white Nissan Versa pulled alongside them.

One man alighted from the vehicle and fired several shots in the direction of both men, wounding them both. The gunman then got back into the vehicle, which sped off.

Both victims were taken to the Arima Hospital where they were treated. They were then transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

One of the wounded men was discharged, while the other was warded in a stable condition.

Meanwhile, also on Wednesday, at about 7.15 pm in Arima, a 43-year-old shopkeeper was conducting sales at his business place when a man armed with a gun entered and opened fire.  The shopkeeper was shot multiple times about the body before he collapsed. The gunman then ran off.

The shopkeeper was assisted by a neighbour who took him to the Arima Health Facility where he was treated for gunshot wounds to both thighs and his right ankle.

Investigations are ongoing.