Jovianna Edmund

As she laid on a hospital bed, months after being admitted for a mystery illness, Jovianna Edmund used her limited data on her phone to send a video, pleading for help.

Edmund, 35, said since media reports of her stay at the San Fernando General Hospital got published, the treatment got worse.

In her 1:22 minute-long video, Edmund said she was in a lot of pain and claimed on Monday morning, a staff member pulled her sheet, saying that they would force go to the bathroom.

The mother of four said the last time she got off the bed, she fell and suffered a seizure.

Despite not being told what her illness is, Edmund said a doctor then attended to her, saying that they would now get a medical social worker assigned to her case so they could get her a place to stay. However, Edmund said she remains in pain.

“I am in terrible pain lying down. I have not got any medication for the day. I am suffering in pain. The nurses are telling the doctors that I am faking and pretending because I have nowhere to go, which is a lie. I am very sick and the breakfast, lunch and dinner they bring for me, as soon as I eat, it worsens my pain and gets me even sicker. I have nothing to take after. I am supposed to be on a blank diet, but I have no other choice but to force to eat what I am not supposed to eat because I cannot starve and stay hungry,” Edmund said.

Last October, Edmund lost her job as a maintenance worker when Movietowne’s Chaguanas branches closed due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

Without an income, she and her children were evicted from their home in Carapichaima in March.

Three of her children are currently with their father while the last is with Edmund’s mother.

She stayed at a shelter in Tunapuna but had to leave while the landlord sorted out legal matters. In March, she was admitted to the hospital after suffering body pains, dizziness, nausea and stomach pain.

The South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) told Guardian Media that it was investigating Edmund’s complaint. Yesterday, the SWRHA said that in relation to this matter, it preferred to reserve further comment.

“We will continue to competently treat the patient, with care and compassion,” the Authority said.