Shermal “Chubby” Noray was killed in a police-involved shooting at his family’s place of business in Signal Hill, Tobago, on Tuesday 11 May 2021.

Shermal “Chubby” Noray was shot by Tobago police at his family’s place of business at Signal Hill, on Tuesday night. But while police claim the man was armed, family members insist that was not the case.

According to reports, there was a heated exchange between Noray’s relatives and police who surrounded Noray as he lay on the ground bleeding outside the Accident and Emergency Department of the Scarborough Regional Hospital. The incident was recorded and circulated on social media. 

The family claims that the Signal Hill man was unarmed as he was confronted and subsequently shot, then thrown in the back of the police vehicle and hauled away.  Moments later at the scene of the shooting, relatives of the injured man were seen heatedly accusing the police officers of trying to “frame” Noray, as they searched the premises. 

Meanwhile, the head of the Tobago Police Division ACP William Nurse confirmed that Noray was shot by police.  He told Guardian Media that based on initial reports, Noray was indeed armed during the incident.

“I give every assurance that the matter will be investigated fairly and thoroughly,” ACP Nurse stated, “and I will leave no stone unturned if he dies after being shot by Tobago Police.”

Only last week a similar incident occurred in which residents of Speyside also accused the police of using excessive force when they shot and killed a mentally ill man, Kervin Isaac.

During that incident, Isaac was shot, and his body was similarly thrown in the back of the police vehicle and taken away from the scene.