Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sininan arrives at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s, for the PNM’s screening session on Tuesday.

Hours after she was rejected by the party she was faithful to, incumbent People’s National Movement Toco-Sangre Grande MP Glenda Jennings-Smith posted a message on social media that one man planned a conspiracy to remove her remove and her story will be told.

“Thanks everyone. Especially Rohan. I am out. But I am not done when one man can plan a conspiracy to remove an incumbent. My story will be told,” Jennings-Smith wrote on Facebook Friday after being replaced by former West Indies and T&T cricketer Mervyn Dillon.

In response to the post, however, Sinanan, a PNM deputy political leader, said, “I am bounded by their decision. I have nothing personally against any candidate. I have not been promoting any individual candidate.”

He said a lot of people feel that he had influence in selecting the Toco-Sangre Grande candidate but this was not true.

“I particularly try to stay out of this,” Sinanan said, noting he shares a close relationship with Jennings-Smith.

“At no point in time Glenda and I have been at loggerheads. As a matter of fact, I was very instrumental in bringing Glenda forward to offer herself as a candidate in the 2015 general elections. At the end of the day I think Glenda would have done a very good job. At this time the party did not select her.”

Asked if he tried to undermine Jennings-Smith, Sinanan said he had no reason to.

“I did not seek any nomination for any constituency.”

Calls and text messages to Jennings-Smith’s cellphone went unanswered Friday.