Tameika Darius performs her calypso Long Before J’Ouvert, during Calypso Fiesta held at Guaracara Park, Pointe-a-Pierre, on Saturday.

Calypsonian Tameika Darius has advised her attorney to move forward with an injunction following TUCO’s denial of her request to sign in the Calypso Monarch finals as stated in a pre-action protocol letter sent to the organisation yesterday.

In the letter, Darius, through her attorney Leon Williams, requested that she sing at the finals tonight at Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, because of the problems she encountered which delayed her performance at the 2020 Calypso Monarch semifinals at Guarcara Park, Point-a-Pierre last Saturday.

Darius said she “suffered bad fate” when she was summoned to the stage to perform and her props including microphones were not set up ahead of the 20-minute lapse for her presentation.

The calypsonian sought legal advice because she believes she was unfairly treated.

Yesterday, Darius said TUCO asked for a two-hour extension after it was served the letter but denied her attorney’s request.

She said, “They responded with a bag of lies. The mics were in place. They are saying a calypso starts with the first appearance, including any members setting up that is associated to the calypsonian. I have video clips of the guy running around trying to locate the mics, so I don’t know what they are talking about. But they denied all claims.”

Darius advised her attorney to move forward with the injunction following TUCO’s response.

She said when she visited the organisation to request her master sheet, she was told, “You have to pay $500 for it because it is a long process. They didn’t want to give it to me, even though I was willing to pay the $500 for it. The score sheets is one thing, but the master sheet will determine where I placed in the competition and how the scores were allotted etc.”

At the venue, Darius said prior to when her name was called to appear on stage, she requested four microphones to accompany her performance. She said there was a 20-minute delay in the technicians setting up the microphones while her time was running. She also complained that during her performance the microphones were switched off.

Darius’ “Long Before J’ouvert” is a politically infused presentation loaded with picong. However, this did not earn her a place into the finals even after the challenges were rectified and she delivered her performance.

The Point Fortin entertainer also complained that when they went to draw numbers TUCO was not clear on the rules regarding timing.

The calypsonian indicated only when the master of ceremonies stopped talking, it was then she got a chance to place her props on stage like everyone else.

Darius said, “This is frustrating, I feel victimised. Is like after you put out so much and this was the first time I was actually prepared. For Saturday alone I invested in excess of $6,000 and the appearance fee is $6,500 and I still have people to pay. My attorney is reviewing the whole thing, he is just waiting on the contract we all got from TUCO.”

When Guardian Media contacted TUCO President Lutalo Masimba he said there is a process. He also said neither he, nor the Adjudication Management Review Committee received any letters.

Another TUCO member said it was Darius’s right to pursue her options and hoped that in the end, things work out well for her.