Two sisters from Central Trinidad, who were robbed while in a private hire (PH) car say their attacker threatened to kill them during their hours-long ordeal.

In an interview with Guardian Media, the sisters said the man told them his son was killed recently and he did not have any care in the world and could kill anyone.

The sisters, ages 22 and 24 years, who are highly traumatised but disappointed over what was reported in the media last week about their attack, reached out to the Guardian Media in an attempt to not only correct the facts, but to also bring awareness to the travelling public.

The events as they occurred

Last Tuesday around midday, both sisters were awaiting transportation at Mc Bean Village, Couva when a “PH” car beeped the horn. The sisters stopped the car and boarded. They says that is when their worst nightmare became a reality.

One of the sisters recalled:

“The car was smelling like cigarettes and there was a female driver and a male passenger in the back, both of African descent. The male was sitting with me in the back and my sister was in the front seat. The man was sitting really close to me, which I found was odd. Anyways, they proceeded to drive and turned into Mahaica Trace where the male passenger said he lives.”

She continued: “He kept saying ‘keep driving’ and then when we got into a lonely road, he announced the hold up and demanded our pins and bank account numbers, and phone passwords. He slapped my sister in her ear and cuffed me a blow to the jaw with his elbow. He shouted that if we look at him he will shoot us. He said ‘I will blow allyuh brains off!’ He also mentioned how his son was just killed and he doesn’t care if he kill anyone.”

“The driver kept driving as he instructed and he told her not to give signals. He told her she missed the turn which was in a dirt road and told her to turn back,” the sister added.

She said when the driver turned around and was making the turn into the dirt road, the car collided with a Toyota Hilux. At that point, the sisters made their daring escape.

“My sister got out first and ran. I followed after and we flagged a car down to help us,” the sister said.

Sisters: This is a cautionary tale for everyone

The sister said they thank God for life and warned the travelling public to be very careful and alert when boarding taxis and/or ‘PH’ cars.

“We are traumatized,” she told Guardian Media. “Every time I try to do something better in my life it keeps getting ruined by the criminal elements of this country. All my lecture notes, my glasses, UWI Identification card, and my books—he took. Also our money and our phones,” she said.

Police officers have since detained the female driver of the car, which turned out to be a rental.

Police said the woman went to make a report about the accident and said she alleged she too was robbed.

However, the police detained the woman for questioning as they strongly believe that she can help with their investigations.