Six Venezuelan nationals who entered the country illegally have been taken into custody by officers of the Penal Criminal Investigations Department (CID), following a police operation in Penal, yesterday.

In addition, during the operation, police also seized a quantity of ammunition which was found with the detained immigrants.

An official statement from the TTPS reports that between 5:10 pm and 6:30 pm on Monday 19th October 2020, Penal CID officers proceeded to a two-storey wooden and concrete structure located at Gopie Trace, Branch Trace, Penal. They had received information that persons were seen illegally entering the country, which had led them to that location.

The ammunition seized by Penal CID during the police operation on Monday 19 October 2020. (Image: TTPS)

At the two-storey building, police discovered six Venezuelan nationals. They also conducted a search of the premises and found 54 rounds of .38 ammunition in a white sock in a multi-coloured knapsack on the floor. The ammunition is undergoing forensic processing.

All six immigrants have since been medically examined and are being processed by the Immigration Division.

The exercise was led by Sgt Haynes of the Penal CID and also included a party of officers of the Penal Police Station Charge Room.