A vendor sits among her Valentine teddys and flowers as she waits for the rain to stop on High Stree,t San Fernando, yesterday.

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It’s a day dedicated to showing love but this year Valentine’s Day sales were abysmal in San Fernando.

On High Street, UNC candidate for San Fernando West Sean Sobers used Valentine’s Day to spread love among potential voters.

He distributed balloons and packets of chocolates. Sobers said the people of San Fernando West had suffered from neglect and many of them felt no hope.

“The people want change and I am poised to deliver that change,” Sobers said. Asked whether he was using Valentine’s Day to solicit votes, Sobers said it was no secret that Valentine’s Day was about spreading love.

“This is what I am doing. I am spreading love. I want to tell the people of San Fernando West that I love them and I appreciate them because as a people we are suffering from neglect and exploitation under this government,” he said.

Meanwhile, president of the San Fernando Business Association Daphne Bartlett said this year had the lowest Valentine’s Day sales she had ever seen.

“Usually the streets are filled with people selling flowers and candy. Now we hardly seeing anyone selling flowers. People just cannot afford to buy these things anymore. I get the feeling that people are just not celebrating Valentine’s Day anymore,” she added.

She noted that over 15,000 had suffered unemployment and for many families, it was difficult purchasing food. Bartlett said commercial exploitation around this time was a non-issue as many business people were aware of the dire economic circumstances and the power people held when it came to withholding purchases.

“People are just not buying because they cannot afford to,” she added.

Flowers vendor Wendell Mooklal agreed that sales were very slow this year.

“ Very few people are buying. Last year it was slow but this year it is even worse,” he added.

Frederick Ramjohn who was seen walking down High Street with two balloons said they were bought for his wife. He said the prices were not steep, adding, “When you love someone the price would not matter. If you can afford it, buy it,” he added.