Calypsonian Myron Bruce

Movement for Social Justice leader David Abdulah says he expected the date of the general elections in mid-August or September.

“Obviously, with the economic situation, the Prime Minister doesn’t want to go to another Budget.

“The options were limited so it was either go before the SEA and other exams on August 20 or early September,” Abdulah said on Friday after Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley announced August 10 at the election date.

He added, “We have four candidates and may add one or two more. We may endorse other people and they may endorse us. We’ll see what they’re offering,“

Port-of-Spain People’s Movement leader Louis Lee Sing, whose part is part of the Better United conglomeration which sought MSJ’s participation, said his party is out of the elections.

Lee Sing said, “I may be on platforms but we’re not having candidates.

“This was the only date available to the Prime Minister to maximise COVID benefits, which is fading with each PNM error—but this is devil take the hindmost for voters.”

Democratic Party of T&T leader Steve Alvarez was expected to contest in Moruga and independent Errol Fabien is focusing on St Joseph, Lee Sing added.

Congress of the People leader Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan said she will speak by Wednesday on their position and candidates. She felt economic issues, COVID problems and recent protests prompted the early elections.

Patriotic Front leader Mikela Panday meanwhile said, “We’re consulting with supporters on our direction.”

Movement for National Development leader Garvin Nicholas said MND has three candidates for Diego Martin seats, including former extempo monarch Myron “Myron B” Bruce.