“They need everything,” lamented Seon Isaacs, the husband and manager of soca artiste Lil Bitts, after witnessing first-hand the living conditions of a Williamsville couple and their five children.

Isaacs and soca entertainer Devon “Dev” Harris delivered grocery items for the family after their plight was highlighted on the CNC3 newscast on Friday and the Guardian newspaper on Saturday.

Aziz Hosein, 42, his wife Sumintra Ramdial, 42, and their children, ages ranging from 12 to three-years-old, live in a small windowless plywood structure with no electricity at Coconut Drive. The family has to pass through a hole in the plyboard to enter their two-bedroom home.

The only furniture in their home is three mattresses. Hosein, a labourer and PH driver, has not been getting work regularly since the COVID-19 regulations were implemented.

With the children home since the closure of schools and barely any money coming in, the family has been struggling for meals. Through their company, Isaac Promotions, and with donations from friends and entertainment artistes, Isaac and his wife Shivonne “Lil Bitts” Churche have been helping needy families since 2010.

Before rendering assistance, however, Isaac said they first assess the families’ living conditions to determine whether they really need help.

“A lot of people have been sending information about so many people but again is only so much we can do at this point in time.”

Saddened by the living conditions of the Williamsville’s family, he said they lacked the basic amenities and the many things that people would often take for granted.

“Children are innocent. They wake up every day and they smile and they live their life as normal but they are missing the every day basic things, (like) a simple cold glass of water,” he said.

Appreciative of all the assistance they have received so far, Ramdial said, “It is a great, big help I am getting right now. I want to thank everyone who is helping us.”

Pointing to a pile of dirty clothes in the yard and an empty tank, Ramdial said they don’t even have water to wash their clothes.

“We get two to three cans of water from the neighbour for the day. We always depend on the rain, but the rain is not coming right now for us to get water. We will be glad if someone could come to drop a tank of water for us.”

Knolly and his wife Jennifer Metoo, from Duncan Village, San Fernando, also dropped off some grocery items for the family yesterday. Metoo said he saw the family’s situation on CNC3 News on Friday.

“It hurt my heart to know that these children want something,” said Metoo. He promised to donate materials, including pieces of two by four wood and galvanised sheets, to put towards rebuilding the family’s home.

Anyone willing to assist can contact the family at 318-7947.