Flashback: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, moves a motion to revoke the May 15th, 2021 proclamation of a state of emergency during the sitting of the Parliament, yesterday.

From the moment Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley posted his plans to address the nation on Thursday evening on social media,

users started speculating what Dr Rowley’s speech was about.

“Full lockdown and mandatory vax,” Dave wrote.

“Venesh said, “Trinis too harden, I feel later there will be an “as of midnight tonight!”

Then the day and time came, 8 pm on Thursday, and as Dr Rowley started speaking people analysed his dress code, comparing it with what they believed the news in his speech was going to be about.

“A three-piece suit unno, We ded (sic),” Joel Julien tweeted.

But as the Prime Minister took most of the 45 minutes to recap this country’s COVID-19 journey so far and compare what was happening in other places around the world, some viewers became wary.

Victoria tweeted, “they asked dr Rowley which statistics he wanted and said yes.”

While another user wrote, “ This pandemic recap that Rowley doing on cCNC3 feeling like he gearing up to announce the first annual hunger games.”

Memes were created asking him to get to the point.

Later in his address, Dr Rowley spoke about the possible phased reopening of beaches and how Carnival 2022 could look like, but nothing was confirmed.

Some people complained the Prime Minister “wasted their time.”

“Rowley hit us a ‘hey we need to talk’ just to say nothing and give us anxiety,” Rudolph said.

Memes and videos about the Prime Minister’s demeanour and tone were posted to social media as well. His face was photoshopped onto popular movie posters.

But while many felt like the speech had nothing new, many others said they were thankful for the reminder of how far T&T has come and how far this country has to go.

“What I’m saying is “get your family protected” by vaccination. Protect your elderly and comorbid members from you. Try and avoid a funeral for Christmas. Act now! Get vaccinated and get them vaccinated,” Dr Rowley said.

He said now was not the time to concede defeat in any way.