Police believe that the motive behind the murder of a 56-year-old socially displaced man was gang related.

The victim has been identified as Roland Hackett, 56.

According to a police report, at about 12.45 pm on Wednesday, police officers responded to a report of shooting at Fort George Road, St James.

On arrival, they saw Hackett lying in a drain with multiple gunshot wounds to the body.

He was taken to the St James Medical Complex but was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Investigations are continuing.

Couple killed in police-involved shooting shot multiple times


Autopsies done on the bodies of police-involved shooting victims Anthony “Bago” S Louis and Niama Alexander said they died from gunshot injuries.

The autopsies were only conducted on Wednesday at the Forensic Science Centre by Forensic Pathologist Dr Somu Gajula. The bodies have been released to the respective families.

St Louis was buried on Wednesday evening under Muslim rites.

Guardian Media understands that St Louis’ relatives were initially declined to have the body released to them and strongly believed that it was an attempt to cover up what really happened that morning.

Speaking under anonymity, a relative of St Louis alleged that immediate relatives were told that both victims had COVID-19, “yea, it’s alleged they were told they both had COVID-19 and their bodies will be taken by the State but the family’s suspicions grew and not until the Imam and attorneys got involved that the entire situation turned around and the families got the bodies and the report handed over to the families.”

“So the immediate family along with the Imam were allowed to get the bodies yesterday as soon as the autopsy was conducted so that they could have buried him Islamically. But, we strongly believe that there was an attempt to keep the bodies away from the families because when we got the bodies there were plenty gunshot wounds and the family got pictures and whatever else they needed before quick burial,” S Louis’ relative said.

The relative also questioned claims by the police that St Louis and his girlfriend were conspirators in a plot to assassinate Prison Commissioner Dennis Pulchan.

“Where is the other conspirators and how come the police haven’t announced any further arrests yet? Not only that of late we are seeing a lot of prison officers being arrested with contraband so there’s a lot of other factors because officers are angry they’re getting caught and inmates are angry they’re losing out on business when the contraband gets confiscated so it’s more complicated than what meets the eye,” St Louis’ relative said.

On August 11, following up on a plot to kill Pulchan and members of his family, police officers went to the home of St Louis at Walters Lane in Enterprise.

In a preliminary report, police said St Louis was the conspirator, however, in the official report released by the T&T Police Service, it stated that both St Louis and Alexander were suspects, “who police believe were conspirators in a plot to assassinate the Commissioner of Prisons.”

The final report stated that police officers assigned to the Central Division were executing a search warrant for firearms and ammunition as part of an investigation into a report of conspiracy to kill the Commissioner of Prisons when they heard noises emanating from the Walters Lane, Enterprise home of the suspects.

When the police officers attempted to gain entrance to the house, they were reportedly shot at.

Police officers returned fire following killing the couple. The incident occurred at about 5.30 am.