Maya Lochan

As T&T recorded 520 COVID-19 infections and 11 more deaths on Saturday, people across south Trinidad welcomed the Government’s imposition of a State of Emergency.

Speaking after the Prime Minister’s announcement, Gregory Gordon of San Fernando said, “The SOE was coming before, but it was held back. It came because of the disobedience of people. It is needed at this time to bring some control over this situation.”

Stephen Murray said while the SOE was needed, it will negatively impact people’s livelihoods.

“I agree I do think this is needed at this point, but it will adversely affect many people,” Murray said.

Franklin from Gasparillo said he trusted the Government’s decision.

“Whatever they think will work I will support it because they know better. I don’t have the information, they do, but I will say yes to the SOE because some people are just too harden,” Franklin said.

Kurleen Francis from Gasparillo said that the SOE was late in coming.

Businessman Fawwaz Hosein said the SOE should have been implemented two weeks before.

“I think it should have been from 6 am to 6 pm. The time they put it from 9 pm to 5 am, most people are inside already,” he added.

Maya Lochan also said an SOE was needed.

“After so many COVID deaths, hospitals full and morgues full, of course, it is needed. It came late,” Lochan said.

Monica Jacob also said that an SOE was definitely needed to flatten the curve at this time.