Chief of Defence Staff, Air Commodore Darryl Daniel, and Acting Commissioner of Police, Mc Donald Jacob, at the launch of the new National Operations Task Force. (Image by RHONDOR DOWLAT-ROSTANT)

It’s official! The Special Operations Response Team (SORT) has now been rendered defunct as there is a new National Operations Task Force (NOTF).

The NOTF was officially launched on Thursday morning at the Police Service’s Inter-Agency Task Force headquarters, at Garden Road, Aranguez, by the Chief of Defence Staff Air Commodore Darryl Daniel and Acting Commissioner of Police Mc Donald Jacob, along with Assistant Commissioner of Police Joanne Archie.

Ag Commissioner Jacob announced that the NOTF, “is fitting in with our strategic goals in order to ensure T&T is in fact a safe place.”

He explained the aim of the NOTF is a joint effort between the TTPS and the T&T Defence Force (TTDF), and it is designed as an operational unit to support all operations within the Police Service.

“These operations will be intelligence driven, so there is a direct relationship with our intelligence agencies within the TTPS and TTDF. Therefore, all the various divisions and sections, when they’re carrying about particular operations, they will in fact have a well-trained organization of men and women from the TTDF and the TTPS, who will be able to assist them in all their operations,” the top cop said.

“Again, the official launch of this particular unit is necessary in our fight against crime,” he added.

Ag Commissioner Jacob disclosed they also are dealing with a multiagency firearm retrieval initiative, and this task force will be playing a significant role.

“So, it was necessary to launch the NOTF and the initiative simultaneously at this one forum,” he said.

In his brief contribution during the launch, Air Commodore Darryl Daniel asserted the newly formed organization will ensure the safety and security of citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

“It ensures what we bring to the table will assist with operations to ensure there is effectiveness and efficiency as required,” he assured.

He added: “I want to stress these operations will be led by the police and supported by the TTDF.”