Joshua Noor and his wife, Rena of Southern Main Rd, La Romain will be celebrating a milestone on October 29 - 60 years of marriage.

Joshua Noor and his wife, Rena Noor of 337 Southern Main Rd, La Romain will be celebrating a milestone this coming Thursday (October 29) – 60 years of marital bliss.

Rena said sixty years of married life was very challenging for them, and in disclosing her secret to overcoming all obstacles is “putting God first in their marriage and treating each other with the utmost respect, love and care.”

”I had a big Bible under my pillow and whenever I felt overwhelmed, I would read and read until I felt the comfort and answers to see me through. Seeking God and with prayers is the key to my successful marriage and it could be the key to success in young couples and the older ones…once they follow what I did. It works,” Rena said during an interview with the Guardian Media.

Rena, nee Dowlat of Monkey Town, Barracckpore met her soul mate in December 1959 when Rena’s dad, Harold Dowlat, invited his friend Harold Mohan to his home for Christmas. Joshua, who was Harold’s cousin accompanied him to the celebrations.

“This is where he first saw me and from that moment Joshua want to marry me. Our love for each other and the distance from La Romain to Barrackpore growing fast and furious we were married the following year on October 29, 1960. I was just 18 years old and Joshua was 29 years,” Rena said.

Moving to La Romaine where they began their life together their marriage blossomed with four children – Moses, Gordon, Rose Marie and Denise. They now have four grandchildren – Wesley, Kyle, Romario and Jared.

Also, two great-grandchildren – Isabella and Israel.

The couple was also supported, loved and care for by their two sons in law – David and Rienzi and two daughters in law Judy and Shelly.

“Our marriage was no bed of roses and the challenges were real and serious at times but our faith in God never wavered. Standing on God’s word – the Bible and by believing in His promises that He will never leave us,” Rena said.

Rose Marie said growing up she remembered her father was a labourer, working at different homes in San Fernando and Bel Air, maintaining their surroundings and doing what he loved most which was tending to plants.

“He was very hard-working and he would always prefer to walk to and from work. Instead of taking a ride. He loved to visit relatives and always invited friends and family to our home for birthdays and Christmas. Our mom, fondly called ‘Mama’ was more on the quiet side. She loved to cook and bake. Cake icing was one of her speciality. She is a dedicated member of the Presbyterian church where she served on many of the groups and committees,” Rose Marie said.

“I recalled whenever Mama served her family meals she always ensured that everyone was satisfied even if it meant she had none for herself. My parents chose to live up to their marriage vows. They remained faithful and dedicated to each other. The love for their children helped strengthen their bond. During their 60 years together they made a lot of sacrifices, there were lots of difficult and uncertain days and as they both aged they had to deal with many health issues. Through it all, they can look back and say ‘We did it with God’s help and it was worth it’,” Rose Marie added.