Southern Division Police continue crackdown on illegal weapons and drugs

The illegal weapon and drugs seized by police during the anti-crime operation. (Image: TTPS)

Four men were arrested, and an illegal weapon and drugs seized during anti-crime exercise in the Marabella district, earlier this week.

According to official police reports, Marabella and Mon Repos Police conducting anti-crime exercises on Tuesday 19th May 2020, arrested the four men—inclusive of two brothers—during a stop and search exercise carried out within the district.

The offences included possession of marijuana (400g), possession of paraphernalia relating to drugs and drug use, as well as the execution of an outstanding warrant.

Also during the exercise, police officers discovered one kilogramme of marijuana, one Glock 23 pistol and seven rounds of ammunition. They were found in an overgrown area at Bayshore Road, Marabella.

The exercise was coordinated by Snr. Superintendent Wayne Mohammed and supervised by Sgt Ifil, and included officers of the Marabella Police Station CID, Southern Division Task Force and Canine Unit.