FLASHBACK - A police officer searches for evidence moments after four men were arrested in connection with the murder Trevlayne Dedier in Tunapuna, in August 2021.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is seeking to weaken warring gangs in Tunapuna, with what it is calling “a special focus” on drug blocks in the area.

Speaking at today’s TTPS media briefing, Inspector Ishmael Pitt said ongoing gang warfare in Tunapuna is responsible for a recent upsurge in murders.

“We have identified them as the Rasta City gang, and one of the gangs is not necessarily a known gang.  We label them in relation to the geographic space, so we call them the Upper Tunapuna gang, but that gang is fuelled by members of other gangs.”

He said their numbers could be anywhere between 30 to 40 people per gang. And the weapons at their disposal are worrying the TTPS.

It is why Inspector Pitt said it is imperative that the TTPS go after the drugs that fund their [the gangs] ability to kill.

He explained: “For that reason, we would have increased our drug block focus, so at present there is a mandate on how we are to approach the drug blocks because we believe once we stop the flow of cash, we would be able to stifle the gangs and the strength they are experiencing at this time.”