Centenarian Sonny Mohammed reads the newspaper on his birthday yesterday.

At 102 years old, Sonny Mohammed would have seen the world differently to all of us, from enjoying days without electricity, cars and the numerous luxuries that we enjoy now.

The centenarian celebrated his birthday yesterday with family and friends at his Freeman Road home, St Augustine, a place he has called home all his life.

Sonny has eight children and was married twice. He has 20 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.

A retired worker at the St Augustine Nurseries, Sonny has a keen love for plants and at the age of 100, he was still planting in his backyard.

Sonny’s life was one with a humble beginning and mostly faced with poverty and he ensured that this was not the fate for him and his family.

He is still able to take care of himself and take a read the daily newspaper.

“Pray every day, morning and evening”, Sonny told Guardian Media when asked what is the secret to his long life.

He enjoys a good meal of roti, Takari and rice and he rarely eats any meat.

Sonny said his advice to Trinidad and Tobago is to “Learn to respect everybody in this world. If you are asked something, learn to answer the question they ask you and if you don’t hear the question ask for the question to be asked again.”

He said that life is about learning to understand.

Asked what is his secret to long life, Sonny’s response was that God placed him here and he has been controlling him since he was a baby.

“All I am asking for is the Lord right now, it not to get me sick and to keep me well until the day, God is ready for me,” he said.