St Christopher’s hot doubles.

No more doubles withdrawal as the sale of the bara and channa delicacy at the St Christopher’s Service Station on Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain, restarted yesterday.

On Monday morning, police officers visited the station to put a halt to the sale of pre-packaged, processed food—including ‘The Original Fat Boy’ deconstructed doubles.

Hours later, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service issued an apology and explanation to the establishment.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith explained, “one or two officers probably misinterpreted (the) regulations.”

Both the owner of The Original Fat Boy Doubles, Ronald Pyango, and the general manager of the St Christopher’s Service Station, Andre James, were elated.

According to Pyango, the idea for the pre-packaged doubles was his way of earning income after the Public Health Ordinance from the Ministry of Health barred the sale of street food, including doubles.

“No income was coming in. I had to do something about it. I know Scott (the owner of St Christopher’s Service Station), and I said Scott, I need to do something. I talked to him about it, the doubles thing, and he said alright, let’s try it and see.”

That trial took on a life of its own, generating a social media firestorm and the doubles, in its plastic container, flying off the heated shelved at the station.

Over 3,600 doubles have been sold, according to James, in the last five days.

“We had a well-known vendor that came to us. He had an idea to continue business and we worked with him. We believe we had a solution in the deconstructed, prepackaged product. There was someone who was willing to innovate, a doubles vendor, and he brought an idea to us and we all worked on it. It really paid off. It’s unfortunate what happened, but it’s good now,” James added.

Pyango has been selling doubles in the Petit Valley area over the last 30 years and he’s confident in his product.