Frome left Sgt Toorie, Sgt Cato, Insp Beepat, Dr Varma Deyalsingh, Marilyn Smith and Sgt Singh at the meeting

President of the St Joseph Council Dr Varma Deyalsingh is hoping that the initiative of acting Police Commissioner Mc Donald Jacob to crackdown on PH drivers in Port-of-Spain be extended in the busy area of the Curepe Taxi Stand.

He made the suggestion during the council’s virtual meeting held on Monday with law enforcement officers of St Joseph Police Station.

The acting commissioner spoke last week of a plan to ban the influx of PH drivers from Port-of-Spain.

Deyalsingh also noted that priority will be given to assist in repairs of police vehicles.

He also raised the issue of having CCTV cameras installed at taxi stands in the Curepe area. Also attending the meeting was secretary of the council Marilyn Smith who noted the need to liaise with the Municipal Police and Regional Corporation to deal with some of the pressing issues in Curepe.

Also speaking was Sgt Toorie who said there was a decrease in serious crimes in the St Joseph area. His colleague Sgt Cato spoke of challenges faced in repairing some patrol vehicles.

Insp Beepot also noted a change in dealing with the public to ensure they develop confidence in the police.

Some community concerns heard via zoom, were the need for more visible police presence via foot patrol in residential areas, vacant buildings serving as occupants for criminals, theft of materials from buildings and indiscriminate parking along certain roads.