Her Worship Vandana Mohit, Mayor of Chaguanas.

Several villagers from St Thomas Village in Chaguanas staged a protest in an effort to get their village cleaned up and to have released to them, a parcel of land that was promised to the village some 15 years ago for a recreation ground.

About 15 disgruntled villagers gathered on Tuesday morning from as early as 7 am to highlight their disappointment and frustration.

Speaking with Guardian Media, St Thomas Village resident Anthony Job said the entire community, which falls under the electoral district of Chaguanas West, has been neglected not only by the Member of Parliament, but also by the Chaguanas Borough Corporation and its councillor.

“We have been neglected for many years. The drainage system is in a horrible condition and right now it is infested with mosquitoes,” he reports. “The roads are deplorable. The youth in the village are not getting any work from the Borough despite the fact that they are going to sign up their names. And that piece of land that was promised to us since in 2005 for a recreation ground for the Leed Football and Sports Club, it is yet to be released to us,” Job said.

“We have all the documents to show our repeated requests. We also have a letter from the Minister of Local Government instructing the Borough Corporation to have discussions with us on our request to release the land to us,” he added.

Job said many letters have been sent since to the new Mayor, Vandana Mohit, however, they are yet to receive a response from her.

Guardian Media contacted Mayor Mohit who, in immediate response, assured villagers that she has been attending to their requests as she receives them.

“I have never refused meeting them. I believe one day they came, and I was out of office. The Councillor did road and drainage works there before. Also, we have made a request to WASA to conduct some restoration works up to yesterday (Monday),” the Mayor responded.