Lava flows from the La Soufriere volcano, in St Vincent, last evening, as residents began evacuation of the island, yesterday.

Anna-Lisa Paul

A 25-year-old resident of Kingstown has described this morning’s dawn across SVG as calm and quiet so far.

Based in the green zone which is furthest away from the danger zone, the young man who works for a private company said some businesses are opening as normal as their employers have not given any directives to remain at home.

Speaking with Guardian Media Limited around 6 am today, the resident said up to late last evening there was panic buying and bakeries had run out of bread. Essential supplies like bottled water and canned foods were also said to be in high demand.

He said some emergency shelters had not been ready to begin receiving persons last night and as a result people were forced to sleep on the floor at some locations.

The young man said his family has not had to open their home to accommodate evacuees but that is a possibility as people flee the danger zone located on the opposite end of the island.

He is uncertain if banks will be open today but has promised to keep Guardian Media informed of what is happening throughout the day.