A Masquerader gets medical attention from the Fire Services after he fell off the Savannah stage on Carnival Monday during the parade of bands at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, yesterday.2/24/20

Kees and Iwer George’s “Stage Gone Bad” song seems to be the front runner for the 2020 Road March title.

The song was most played by music trucks and sang by thousands of masqueraders during yesterday’s Parade of the Bands at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain.

The compelling and infectious chorus “we come to mash it up, shell it down and tun it over” sent revellers into a frenzy when they hit the big stage in the blistering sun and rain.

From the word go, the popular song was the top choice by traditional masqueraders many of whom were jab jabs, moko jumbies, fancy sailors and Indian warriors as they graced the stage before noon.

At 12.30, Harts was the first large band to showcase their presentation ‘Metanoia’ to a virtually empty Grand Stand dancing and gyrating to ‘Stage Gone Bad’.

The band was however delayed for several minutes after a male masquerader accidentally fell off the stage and had to seek medical attention.

The extra time on stage gave the dozens of masqueraders a burst of energy to frolic and get on bad to the pulsating song.

Following Harts were Bliss Carnival, Paparazzi, K2K Alliance and Partners, Ronnie and Caro and The Lost Tribe who also got wrapped up in Iwer and Kees’s popular hit, refusing to leave the stage.

Band leader Ronnie Mc Intosh told Guardian Media that Monday was the best day for his masqueraders.

Mc Intosh said the masqueraders decided which song they wanted to hear.

“They in charge…. Iwer and Kees all the way,” Mc Intosh said who came out with the presentation ‘Serengeti’.

As for Mc Intosh’s personal choice, he said ‘Stage Gone Bad’ was his top pick, stating it was “the bigger song” this Carnival.

Minister of Public Minister Robert Le Hunte who played with his daughter in large band Bliss said: “Stage Gone Bad” was his 2020 Road March pick.

Le Hunte said from what he observed yesterday it was a case of “stage gone clear” for Iwer and Kees this Carnival.

“It’s the best song so far,” Le Hunte said.

“It’s time Kees win the Road March title. He was robbed last year. You can’t keep a good man down. This year is his and Iwer’s,” said reveller Kurt Agostini.