Members of the Transport and Industrial Workers Union walk along Independence Square, Port-of-Spain, to the Ministry of Finance, yesterday.

Workers from the Public Transport Service Commission (PTSC) and the National Maintenance Training and Security Company Limited (MTS) took to the streets yesterday chanting, “No money, No vote.”

The workers marched from the Transport Industrial Workers Union (TIWU) office in Laventille to Eric Williams Financial Complex in Port-of-Spain demanding salary increases.

Union President Judy Charles told the Guardian at the Financial Towers that the workers came to highlight to the Minister of Finance that enough is enough. She said six years have come and gone and another three years is fast approaching and all negotiations remain at a standstill.

“Both MTS and PTSC are telling us that they don’t have a mandate from the Government, so we took to the streets to let Minister Imbert know that without the workers there will be no vote, no country, no nothing”, she said.

President Charles added, “It’s time that they do something for the PTSC and MTS workers, the minister of labour is saying that at the end of the day that we suppose to have a current agreement and here we are with six years pass and another three-year agreement is coming.”

Charles said over six thousand workers are currently living on 2014 salaries.

The union is currently around the table discussing non-cost items at PTSC and at MTS talks have not commenced.

“Workers are fed up and frustrated when we asked why no mandate they tell us about the Chief Personnel Officer CPO and the CPO tells us it’s the Government and its a game playing”, she said

The union said its next step is to lead its members in a silent protest.