A 50-year-old-man was charged with one count of sexually touching his stepdaughter. He was ordered by a Siparia magistrate to stay away from the 15 year-old-girl.

According to a statement from the TTPS, the man pleaded not guilty before a Siparia magistrate on Wednesday.

The accused, who was charged with one count of sexual touching of a child by WPC Renn-Lashley, of the South-Western Division Child Protection Unit (CPU) on September 7, was told to stay 100 feet away from the girl as part of his bail conditions. Bail was set at $100,000 with a surety.

Police said on November 26, a woman told CPU detectives her daughter was sexually assaulted by a man with whom she (woman) had relations.

CPU officers further investigated the report, where they were told by the girl that on a date unknown between August 31 and November 1, 2018, she was awakened by a hand touching her private area.

The girl said that when she opened her eyes, she saw a familiar man in a stooping position next to her bed in the room she shared with her brother. When the man realised that she was awake, the girl said, he immediately removed his hand from under the blanket and ran out of the room. The girl later told her mother, who subsequently reported it to the CPU.

The investigation was spearheaded by W/Superintendent of Police (Ag), Claire Guy-Alleyne with direct supervision by W/Sgt (Ag) Charles of the CPU.

The man will reappear before the court on October 6.