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Cancer and mental health patient Sabriya Ali who has been stranded in Jamaica for near six months is imploring the Government to bring her and her two young children back home.

Describing her health as “fading,” the 37-year-old mother of four believes if she is left any longer she may never return home.

She tells Guardian Media, “I attend mental health clinic in Trinidad and I have not had medication for five and a half months now so I am being a little aggressive.”

Ali has had surgery three times and was scheduled for a biopsy at the Mt Hope Hospital, which she missed. She said she feared a return of cancer as she was currently experiencing familiar symptoms.

She claimed she has also been having swelling in her left knee resulting in difficulty walking.

“I can barely walk around with the children here,” she lamented.

But it’s not just her own health she is concerned about; she is frightened that without healthcare for her son who was born with a respiratory illness, things could get complicated quickly.

“He was supposed to go to the clinic since April 6. And he already got a pneumonia attack a month after we come up here,” Ali related.

Ali’s living conditions were also not favourable as she and her two children were living in a shack in St Catherine Jamaica. Jamaica currently has 3,771 cases.

The partly galvanised, partly wooden shed costs Ali Jamaican $10,000 per month—money she said she does not have. And she now owes rent for the last two months.

She explained she was able to rent the shack after pawning all of her jewellery along with that of her daughter’s but now there was nothing left to trade.

Ali said she took her two children to Jamaica in February to visit their unemployed father—a Jamaican national but became stranded once the T&T borders closed. She said she had been trying since April consistently to get home, but to no avail.

Ali said she even applied for an exemption on July 7, and with the assistance of the High Commissioner to T&T in Jamaica, all her documents were sent along with a letter for exemption and an email to the Ministry of National Security, but to date, she has had no response.