Stuart Young

National Security Minister Stuart Young was temporarily put out of the Parliament Chamber after concerns were raised by the opposition regarding him referring to them as racist.

During the Standing Finance Committee this morning while discussing the allocations for the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) members of both sides engaged in a heated debate.

At one stage Oropouche West Member of Parliament Dave Tancoo asked for the attention of Chairperson Bridgid Annisette George to indicate that Minister Young had used disparaging remarks to describe them.
“What he said was we were making racist statements. We are racist.”
In response to this Minister Young could be heard shouting (off mic) and Tancoo retorted, “there you go, there you go.”

While Minister Young’s remarks were inaudible, Chairperson Annisette George asked him to withdraw his statements, if indeed he “said such a thing.”
To this Young responded, “Withdraw saying what they are?”
This resulted in more shouts and protests across the floor until Young said (off mic) ” “Withdrawn Madam Chair.”

Annisette-George then told Young, “Take this as a word of caution I would suggest you take a lil (sic) walk, reboot yourself and come back.”
That action prompted loud desk thumping from the opposition.

But Annisette-George also brought that to an abrupt end “I really don’t want any support from anybody,” she said.

Reporter: Chester Sambrano