Dylan Samaroo of Naparima College who wrote the CSEC visual Arts with his parents Donald Samaroo and Sharda Bisson-Samaroo at their home in Hermitage Village in La Romaine.

With every stroke whether it be from a pen, pencil or paintbrush Dylan Samaroo continues to make his school and his parents proud. He, however, surpassed even his own expectations when he made the Merit List in the CSEC examinations.

He scored the eighth highest marks in the Caribbean in the Art exam, along with five other students in the region.

“I know I was going to do well but I did not think that I was going to do so well,” said the 17-year-old student at his Hermitage Village, La Romaine home.

Impressed with his impeccable artwork in Form Three, his teacher at Naparima College asked him if he would consider writing CSEC exams for Art in Form Four.

“Now, we have a lot more work with SBA’s and stuff in Form Five so my teacher said if I did art in Form Five it would not give me that much time to study and prepare for exams so she proposed to do it a year early.”

Samaroo also sat the CSEC June 2020 technical drawing exam that year. In January he wrote four other CSEC subjects and he passed them with flying colours. They were Physics, Maths, English A and English B.

Now Samaroo is preparing to write ten subjects in the June CSEC exams, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Add Maths, English A, English B, French and Spanish.

With already so much on his plate, you may wonder why he added art to his timetable? Well, he has always loved art.

“I remember drawing in first year and my teacher took my drawing and she was like, ‘What! How is he drawing so good,’ and she put it in front the class by the whiteboard and the teachers would walk in and they would be like ‘who drew this? How did they draw this so good?’”

Admitting that his academic achievements were no walk in the park, Samaroo said they required a lot of hard work.

“It is really about time management, for now, you have to sacrifice, some of things like watching TV and scrolling through social media and stuff, and prioritizing your work. After exams, you have all the time to relax.”

For the art exam, Samaroo submitted ten pieces in the category of painting, mixed media and drawing. His final pieces were a painting of an Ocelot and a drawing of a composition of vegetables.

Asked whether he would be pursuing art in the future, he said, “I think I could pursue it. I’ve had a lot of people ask me to paint them or draw them I might look at it as a source of income.”

Samaroo has won several local art competitions including a drawing of the Fatel Razack for an Indian Arrival Day competition while another one of his pieces was posted up by Powergen at Wrightson Road.

His proud mother Sharda Bissoon-Samaroo said his results exceeded their expectations.

“We were surprised and humbled at the same time. We did not expect for him to reach this accomplishment even though his grades were really well.”

However, she said from the tender age of five he was drawing characters from his favourite television shows. They eventually enrolled him in art classes.

As Samaroo continues to excel academically, he is hoping to win a scholarship. “It is a possibility because I have always done well in school,” he said.