Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force supervise the arrival of nationals at the University of the West Indies’ Debe Campus in May.

The Trinidad and Tobago medical students who were repatriated from Cuba on July 6 will be reunited with their respective family members today as the second tests for COVID-19 came up negative.

The students, who are in state quarantine at the University of the West Indies, Debe campus, erupted in excitement and tears of joy as they were told yesterday that they would all be discharged. The discharge process will commence at 1.30 pm.

The 11 students, out of the 21 who were in Cuba, who were repatriated from Havana via a Caribbean Airlines flight two weeks ago.

They were first tested on July 7 and the results on July 8 proved negative.

However, the students had to wait for a second week of testing and since the results are again negative they will no longer be required to stay in state quarantine.

During their stay, the students said they were comfortable and had no issues.

“We were treated very good, had our vitals taken every day, the food was good food and we were comfortable just counting down the days and hoping for all negative results so we can go home to our families.”

During their stay in T&T until they return for their new semester in September, some of the students say they will be regrouping to do outdoor activities such as hiking.

They will also prepare for their return to Cuba by stocking up on personal hygiene products and are hoping that the airline for their return will allow them enough cargo space to take back for themselves and for the students who were not able to come to T&T on the repatriation flight as they were still waiting to sit examinations.

“Again we want to thank the T&T Government and Guardian Media for highlighting our plighted supporting us throughout. We are grateful to be finally going home to our loved ones,” the student said.

Minister of National Security Stuart Young gave the green light on July 1 for the students to return home. The students then received confirmation from Caribbean Airlines that a flight would be sent to bring them home.

Initially, the repatriation flight was scheduled for July 4 but was rescheduled for July 6.