I disagree with the many public calls for the Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to resign. Labelling his behaviour towards the Prime Minister as “disrespectful” can only be viewed as a regression to the years of the maximum leader.

The Police Commissioner has every right in our modern democracy to respond to a public statement that is, in his considered opinion, not only inaccurate but has the potential to negatively affect the operations of his police force.

The honourable Prime Minister does not get a free pass in these circumstances. The PM could have alternatively chosen to make private comments to the Commissioner, which would not have precipitated a public response. There is a deeper issue here.

T&T has endured too many years with presiding police commissioners who were massively ineffective. These past police commissioners invariably emerged from a system that promoted seniority over sense; complacency over competence; and reticence over unwavering commitment to sworn duty.

Commissioner Griffith has exploded this outdated misaligned mould. He is an example of locally grown, externally trained first-world, first-class talent operating in a sea of mediocrity. His continued efforts in this position will no doubt sow the seeds of professionalism, honesty and proper work ethic among the ranks of our police force. The Commissioner needs the unequivocal support of the public in his ongoing fight against crime within the unambiguous ambit of the law.