One man was arrested by officers of the Central Highway Patrol Unit, hours after a report of two men being robbed.

According to police reports, the victims reported to police that they were at their St. Helena home around 11:15 am, yesterday when they were accosted by three assailants, one armed with a gun, who announced a robbery. The victims were tied up and relieved of their valuables.

During the incident, one of the victims managed to untie himself and got into a struggle with one of the assailants. He was shot at by the gunman before the three suspects made their escape in a silver Hyundai Tuscon motor vehicle.

The injured man was taken to the St. Helena Health Centre for treatment and a report was made to the police. Officers of the Central Highway Patrol Unit were conducting a road traffic exercise along the Uriah Butler Highway, in Charlieville, around 3:15 pm, when they received information from the Command Centre that the vehicle involved in the robbery was seen proceeding north along the highway.

Highway Patrol officers spotted the vehicle and were able to safely intercept it along the Uriah Butler Highway. The suspect, from Diego Martin, was arrested and handed over to the CID Central Unit. Investigations are ongoing.