A firemen removes loose debris from one of the burning booths at the Queen’s Park Savannah yesterday.

A suspect has been detained in connection with the destruction of six Carnival vending booths at the Queen’s Park Savannah yesterday.

Around 12.30 pm, police and fire officers were called to the southern side of the savannah after thick black smoke clouds covered the area, near the Grand Stand.

Within minutes the blaze was extinguished.

There was no report of injury however, six of the huts were completely destroyed.

In a media release shortly after, the Police Service confirmed that the suspect, who lives at Mc Shine Lane in Belmont, was taken to the Four Roads Police Station for questioning.

The incident has angered both the National Carnival Commission and the Mayor of Port of Spain.

NCC Chairman Winston “Gypsy” Peters explained that the vending booths, which are managed by the Commission, are usually demolished after the week of Carnival. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions implemented by the Government, Peters said the NCC had to halt all work at the site.

“We are going to continue taking them down because we have some freedom of movement to do that so construction workers can now go back to work and a lot of the things that could be done, they are being done”, Peters said during a telephone interview.

He said he expected that all of the vending structures will be taken down soon.

Mayor Joel Martinez told Guardian Media he was heading up Abercromby Street in Port-of-Spain when he saw smoke billowing across that part of the capital city. On hearing that the fire had taken place at the savannah, Mayor Martinez said he was completely upset.

According to Mayor Martinez, “That person has to be deranged in some way because I cannot see someone doing that.”

He added, “I am really upset because first of all you have damaged the landscape and you could have damaged and affected other people”.

The booths are erected each year in time for Carnival for use by the vending population.