Members of the search party gather near the Brian Lara Stadium, Tarouba, before the start of another mission to find Kadijah Flament’s body yesterday.

Sascha Wilson

The female suspect held in connection with the disappearance of Princes Town resident Kadijah Flament is now being treated at the St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital.

This follows an incident on Friday, captured on videos that have been circulating on social media, where the woman was seen acting erratic and had stripped herself naked. The woman had been in COVID-19 quarantine under police guard at her home when her actions were recorded by persons nearby, who subsequently posted videos and photos on social media.

Following the incident, however, police were instructed to move her to St Ann’s for observation. An ambulance subsequently took her to San Fernando General Hospital, where she was transferred to the St Ann’s Hospital.

Yesterday, while most people were spending Father’s Day with their families at home due to the State of Emergency curfew restrictions, relatives and volunteers were combing the bushes and abandoned structures for Flament. A search party of over 40 people, including members of the Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team and Search and Rescue T&T searched a wide area at Reform Road, from Brian Lara Stadium to Palmyra.

Hunters Search and Rescue Team’s Vallence Rambarath said they stayed away from the area where the police were searching.

“The family just want closure. They waiting for that report (regarding the identity of the bones) from the police but in the meantime, they continuing to search. They said the police did not communicate with them with respect to that find,” Rambarath told Guardian media yesterday.

Despite doing foot and mobile patrols and aerial searches with drones, the search groups turned up empty-handed. The search groups also did searches at isolated and bushy areas in Ste Madeleine, Princes Town and Debe on Thursday.

Rambarath said they will be halting their search efforts for now.

Officers from the Homicide Bureau and Air Surveillance Unit have been searching the Reform Road area near the Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba for Flament and last Thursday and on Saturday, found human bones in a burnt clearing where rubbish is dumped. However, investigators will have to rely on dental records, if any exist, and DNA testing to identify the remains found.

Flament, 24, went missing on June 7 after she left home to visit her daughter, who was staying with a friend. Investigations are continuing.