Sariah Willaims, who died after being chopped by a close relative at Taradale Gardens, Ste Madeleine, on Sunday.

Police officers say they are moving to charge a close male relative with her murder of baby Sariah Williams after a file into the chopping death has been completed.

Baby Sariah died after being chopped while in the arms of her grandmother Michelle Williams, 50, at Taradale Gardens, Ste Madeleine, on Sunday. Senior police officers said they have completed the investigation and will submit a file to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

An autopsy conducted revealed that the baby died from cranial injuries consistent with a chop wound.

Relatives say the 58-year-old suspect, who remains in police custody, had become enraged with the grandmother and pulled a cutlass to chop her last Sunday.

The relative said some members of the family had already started to feel sorry for him as he used to take care of the baby and her siblings.

“He used to make sure those children have everything,” the relative said.

Michelle in an earlier interview said she had endured 24 years of abuse by the relative.

She said she had planned to go to the magistrates’ court on Monday to apply for a protection order, but tragedy struck on Sunday night.

Williams, a security officer, said she was trying to help her daughter Nikita, and her eight children at her home when the suspect attacked her and accused her of allowing her children to use her.

The baby’s funeral will take place on Saturday.