A Valencia man wanted for several sexual offences, who was on the run from the police, collapsed and died within minutes of his arrest yesterday.

Mitra Hassanali, 36, was caught early yesterday was caught early yesterday when officers from the Valencia Police Station went to his home at Swan Quarry and served a warrant for his arrest. The man surrendered to the police without any resistance but within minutes suffered a seizure.

Hassanali was taken to hospital by an EHS ambulance but was pronounced dead on arrival at the Sangre Grande Hospital. His common-law wife told police he suffered from heart disease. The body was taken to the Forensic Science Centre, St James, and an autopsy is expected to be done on Tuesday.

The warrant exercise was conducted by Sgt Jagroop, Cpl Kheerai and PC Pope of the Valencia Warrants Division. Sgt Jagroop of the Valencia Police Post is continuing investigations.