The firearm and ammunition seized by Emergency Response Patrol officers in La Romaine, earlier today. (Image: TTPS)

The search is on for two men who reportedly were involved in a chase and shootout with police, after a failed attempt at a house break-in, in La Romaine, earlier this morning.

According to official police reports, Emergency Response Patrol (ERP) officers were responding to a report of an attempted house break-in at Charles Street, La Romaine, when they saw two men fitting the description of the suspects.

The TTPS says as the police vehicle approached, both men began to run. The police officers exited their vehicle and gave chase.

One of the men reportedly turned around and raised an object (a suspected firearm) and pointed it in the direction of the officers. Loud explosions were heard, preceded by two bursts of light from the object.

Both officers took evasive action, with one of them discharging two rounds from his service firearm.

The suspects continued running and the officers chased them into a track off the roadway into some bushes, where one of the suspects dropped the object and continued running.

One police officer continued chasing the men, while the other managed to retrieve the item, which, upon examination, was revealed to be a Taurus .40 mm pistol with eight rounds of .40mm ammunition in the magazine.

The men managed to elude capture.

Enquiries are ongoing.