Quick action by police led to the arrest of several suspects who were involved in three separate robbery incidents on Tuesday February 22nd. Police officers also seized firearms and ammunition and recovered cash along with several stolen items.

The Police Service says investigations are continuing into these cases.

Supermarket robbery in Couva

Official police reports state that around 1:20 pm on Tuesday 22nd February 2022, three assailants, two of whom were armed with guns, entered a supermarket located along the Southern Main Road, Couva, and announced a robbery.

The assailants reportedly took $1,500 from the cash till and also relieved a delivery driver of $7,000. They also relieved patrons at the supermarket of their cellphones and other personal items. The assailants then left the scene of the crime in a waiting vehicle.

The Police Service reports that officers of the Central Division Task Force (CDTF) Area-North Unit, who were on mobile patrol, responded to the report of a robbery in progress. The officers conducted direct active patrols which led them to Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, where they spotted a vehicle with five occupants headed onto Montrose Main Road, Chaguanas.

The vehicle and its occupants were intercepted in the vicinity of the Edinburgh 500 taxi stand.

Police officers seized one Glock pistol with one magazine containing 15 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition, along with several items believed to be proceeds of the robbery in Couva.

The five suspects were arrested, and the items were taken to the Chaguanas Police Station pending further enquiries.

Toco robbery

In another incident, three men were arrested in Toco shortly after they robbed a man of $27,000.

According to police reports, a builder was seated in his vehicle at a construction site located at Guayama Village, Cumana, when two men approached him enquiring about employment. Both men then reportedly brandished firearms, threatened the builder and relieved him of $27,000 which represented salaries for his workers. The men then escaped in a Nissan Tiida motor vehicle.

Matura officers responded to a report of a robbery and intercepted a silver Nissan Tiida motor vehicle a short distance away. The officers then conducted a search of the vehicle in the presence of its three occupants.

The search revealed a quantity of cash, a Beretta pistol, and a nine-millimetre pistol together with a magazine containing nine rounds of nine millimetre ammunition.

Robbery in San Juan

Police officers attached to Barataria Police Station were on high alert when they received a report of a robbery which occurred in the San Juan area.

Around 12:35 pm on Tuesday, a group of approximately 10 men entered a warehouse located at Boundary Road, El Socorro, San Juan. The assailants—all of whom were armed with weapons ranging from firearms to cutlasses—announced a robbery.

The attackers then proceeded to assault several staff members, demanding valuables and tying up customers and staff. The suspects then proceeded to rob the victims of several items including phones, cash and a quantity of jewellery.

The Barataria Criminal Investigations Department (CID) conducted enquiries which led to the arrest of one suspect.

Officers of the North-Eastern Division Task Force also responded to the report and proceeded to the warehouse where they were confronted by one of the suspects who reportedly pointed a firearm at them.  In keeping with the TTPS Use of Force Policy, the officers engaged and one of the assailants allegedly was injured in the gun exchange.

The injured man was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Science’s Complex where he was pronounced dead at 1:15 pm.

One Beretta pistol and seven rounds of 40 calibre ammunition were recovered at the scene.