The weapons found and seized during a police-led exercise in Moruga, on Sunday 13th December 2020. (Image: TTPS)

Two men were killed during a police-led exercise in Moruga, on Sunday morning, in which officers seized weapons and ammunition. 

According to official police reports, around 6:55 am on Sunday 13th December 2020, a party of officers from MOPS, SIU, Task Force, and the TTDF, were on exercise duty in a forested area approximately two and a half miles east of the La Retreat Beach, Moruga, when they came upon a camp.

The Police Service says the party of officers observed two men in the camp and announced their presence. It was reported that the men, on seeing the police, pointed objects resembling firearms in their direction. 

The TTPS reports that the officers became fearful for their lives and in keeping with the use of force policy, the MOPS team discharged their firearms and later observed both men lying motionless on the ground. 

The officers found one pump action shotgun loaded with four rounds of 12-gauge cartridges, as well as another 12-gauge shotgun, along with a bag containing 22 rounds of 12-gauge cartridges near the deceased men.

With the assistance of a fisherman and his boat, the party and the deceased men were extracted to land, safely.

The Police Service says the men’s bodies were viewed by the DMO, Dr Rajnarinesingh, who subsequently ordered them to be taken to the Forensic Science Centre.

One of the dead men was identified only by his aliases “Phillip” and “Crabby”, from St Margaret’s; the other was identified as Dion Jarvis aka “Pot” of La Ruffin, Moruga. 

Investigations are ongoing.