A police officer, who is currently on suspension, and last assigned to the Barataria Police Station was arrested and charged on Thursday after he breached a protection order by allegedly attacking his close female relative by beating her and biting her during an altercation at their home in Longdenville.

According to a police report, at about 9 am the victim was at home in her bedroom when the suspect, the police officer, began shouting and using obscene language towards her.

He told her to leave the house and after she refused, the victim was allegedly grabbed by her hair and dragged out the room. The victim picked up her phone attempting to call the police but the suspect reportedly snatched the phone from her hand and bit her on her right hand.

The suspect also allegedly took the right hand of the victim and continuously slammed the bedroom door against it causing an injury.

Police officers who were called to the scene found that the suspect had breached a protection order.

Cpl Ramdeen continued enquiries, recorded a statement, took the victim to seek medical attention, obtained a medical report on behalf of the victim and subsequently arrested and charged the suspect, the police officer.