SWMCOL reopens the Guanapo Landfill Site

The Trinidad and Tobago Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL) has advised of the reopening of  the Guanapo Landfill Site to the public.

In an official release issued today, SWMCOL notes the Landfill was temporarily closed to the public for the morning period today, due to a fire.

The company assures that all necessary operational steps were  taken, and officials extinguished the  blaze.  However, residents of the surrounding areas are being advised to continue exercising caution. 

Today’s incident came on the heels of yesterday’s protest by residents of the community, over employment concerns with a contractor at the site. Concerning the protest, the company stated in the release:

“SWMCOL reminds all parties involved that contracts are only awarded through the Tendering Process and asks that all parties involved allow the process to take its due course.”