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Fired! Ramsaran acts against employee involved in ‘reprehensible’ post

Ramsaran Dairy Products has dismissed the employee responsible for racist Facebook posts that had created public outcry against the company.

Massy Stores pulls Ramsaran products, 10,000 sign boycott petition

Massy Stores has confirmed that it has pulled all Ramsaran products off its shelves as a result of a post by the...

Supermarkets Association calls for boycott of Ramsaran products

The Supermarkets Association has called for a boycott of Ramsaran products as a result of racist comments by one of their employees...

CMO: COVID-19 spike coming

A spike in COVID-19 cases is imminent within the coming days following recent movement and non-adherence to the public health guidelines, Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram predicted, during a Ministry of Health press conference on Wednesday morning.

EBC releases preliminary election results

The Elections and Boundaries Commission has released the preliminary results of the August 10, 2020 General Election. The following...